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Financial Guidance

Long-term financial security and prosperity doesn’t happen by chance – it is a conscious act that begins with fundamental knowledge and its implementation towards solutions for your present and future.  Monarch is here to help you along this process.


Saving for Retirement

Perhaps one of the greatest financial challenges you will face in your lifetime is preparing adequately for your retirement.  Monarch will help you create a plan that will put solutions in place for your retirement.

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Building Wealth

Accumulating wealth and the management responsibilities it brings is a process best achieved with the assistance of professional financial guidance and a competent money manager.  Monarch Capital provides this counsel for individuals building wealth.

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Maintaining Wealth

By focusing on what you value, rather than the value of what you have, together with Monarch you can develop a comprehensive strategy that includes products and services to protect and grow your financial position.

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Leaving a Legacy

With the guidance of Monarch, you can achieve the goal of permanently changing your family tree through a series of plans and products that help safeguard your legacy into the next generation.

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Unexpected Life Events

Unexpected life events, while unfortunate and stressful, can be managed more successfully with  solid forethought and pre-planning.  Everyone experiences a job loss, business failure, market downturn, or financial challenge at some point and the key is being prepared.

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