Monarch Capital Group | Insurance & Financial Services | Maintaining Wealth
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The process of growing and maintaining wealth is a process that combines both proactive and protectionary strategies. Once you have determined your financial goals, have begun the process of accumulating wealth, and understand your long term plans, it becomes prudent to fully implement strategies that allow you to maintain wealth while to continue to grow it. Monarch will assist in this process by recommending products and strategies which include:


-Permanent, Term & Combination Life Insurance

-Long Term Care Insurance

-Umbrella Insurance Products

-Business Insurance Products

-Fixed & Indexed Annuity Products

Monarch can also assist in more complicated estate growth and protection, including charitable trusts, revocable and irrevocable living trusts, generation skipping trusts, as well as special asset management.

These strategies, combined with other guidance from Monarch, can ensure your wealth building endeavors can continue without interruption despite any interference from life situations. Maintaining wealth is as much about protecting what you have as it is continuing to grow.