Monarch Capital Group | Insurance & Financial Services | Leaving a Legacy
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Planning your estate is a very personal process that involves safeguarding your family’s future, as well as ensuring minimal difficulty and taxation during the transition. Monarch seeks to make a complex procedure both a manageable and thoughtful experience.

During this process many questions and concerns will likely arise in regards to estate taxation, how and when to make assets available to family members, who maintains control of assets, how will businesses function, and how will the estate affect the heirs and their relationships with other family members.

Monarch seeks to provide counsel to minimize these concerns and safeguard your family’s assets through a combination of guidance and financial services which will:


-Ensure assets are transferred to intended beneficiaries

-Minimize estate, gift, and generation-skipping taxation

-Ensure the estate is protected from creditors & ex-spouses

-Ensure beneficiaries are productive through incentives

Monarch is experienced with the process of creating wills and durable powers of attorney, as well as trusts, foundations, and lifetime charitable giving programs. Of course, having quality insurance products that carry over from one generation to the next is an important part of safeguarding a family legacy, which include:


-Life Insurance

-Disability Insurance

-Long Term Care Insurance