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Understanding Your Goals

The first step to building wealth is understanding your motivations and goals for doing so. Everyone brings a unique set of circumstances to their financial plan and utilizing Monarch Capital’s extensive experience products, services, and guidance can help clarify your goals and set plans in motion to see them accomplished.

Fulfilling Your Goals

Wealth Accumulation

Accumulation begins with considering a variety of options that Monarch will help clarify and implement for you. These initial steps towards accumulation, depending on your goals, can include:


-Funding education for your children and grandchildren

-Funding a comfortable retirement

-Generating inheritance

-Funding business growth

-Tax-advantaged growth plans

-Investment strategies

Wealth Protection

One of the most important aspects of wealth building is long term protection and risk management. Your financial strength and stability depends on protecting your assets in the event of unexpected loss, be it of income, life, or long term health. Monarch specializes in products that provide this security, which include:


-Providing for your family in the event of death

-Providing for your family in the event of disability

-Providing long term care for yourself and spouse

Wealth Preservation & Distribution

Creating, maintaining, and reviewing a long term wealth preservation plan is a solid foundation towards creating financial security and continuing to build wealth throughout your family tree. Monarch provides guidance in the process of preservation and distribution, including:


-Planning for your estate distribution

-Planning for estate taxation

-Maximizing liquidity for any taxation

-Planning for business disposition or transferal