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Annuity Options

Many people are turning to annuities for retirement savings as a way to not only safeguard for their family’s future but also a safeguard against market volatility, uncertainty with Social Security, and a longer projected life expectancy.


Annuities help you put away money for retirement tax-deferred in order to provide a guaranteed income stream.


The first primary option is simple: do you require retirement income now or later on in the future?

Retirement Income Now

An annuity through Monarch provides a predictable income stream you cannot outlive – utilizing an immediate annuity if you are currently retired or about to retire allows you to take your retirement or personal savings account and monetize it into a reliable income monthly.


Monarch offers a few options for the immediate annuity: one that is a tax-deferred monthly income and another that has the potential for growth through dividends.


Both options can be funded from 401(k)’s, IRA’s, CD’s, savings accounts, inheritances, property sales or investment accounts and allow for payments either through your lifetime or you and your spouse’s lifetime.


Accelerated income draws, increasing payments, and beneficiary naming are additional features that can be utilized.


To inquire further about immediate annuities, please contact Monarch.

Retirement Income Later

Monarch offers a more long term approach for growing wealth through a deferred annuity, where you begin saving now within a fixed or variable annuity – and receive a guaranteed income stream during and even after retirement for heirs or a spouse.


Fixed annuities offer growth with a competitive fixed rate, while variable provides a variety of investment options and a variable rate of return, and some deferred annuities are even set up with dividend earning potential.


A variable annuity is an especially attractive option for those who have already maxed out tax-free and tax-deferred retirement options and wish to achieve tax-deferred growth – these variable options actively invest in a variety of bond and equity funds.


To inquire further about deferred annuities, please contact Monarch.