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About Monarch

Company Overview

Under the leadership of President Greg Brown, Monarch Capital Group focuses entirely on the financial security of clients through a combination of insurance and financial services.


With the increasing complexities and challenges of achieving financial security, Monarch plays a large role in not only the management of risk and returns for the client, but also the understanding and guidance that is required to make long term, important decisions.


Monarch’s attention to detail coupled with a broad understanding of longterm financial goals are the strongholds of a positive, productive organization focused on client goals.

About Our President

Greg Brown


With nearly 20 years of experience in the insurance and financial services business, Greg Brown has built a significant reputation in this highly specialized area.


He works closely and personally with well regarded company and business owners as well as a wide variety of successful professionals.


When asked to describe the reasons why people choose to work with Greg Brown, Greg’s clients will point to his competence, his character, his vast experience and his attention to detail.